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Join our thriving modded Minecraft community and experience the excitement of All The Mods 9 like never before.

Explore Our Servers:

  • ATM 9 v.0.2.60 Anarchy Server: Join the chaos at atm9pvp.cubedworlds.com for intense PvP action!

  • ATM 9 v.0.2.60 Peace Servers: Seek tranquility at atm9.cubedworlds.com for a peaceful gaming experience.

  • Better Minecraft Server (Coming Soon): Stay tuned for an enhanced Minecraft adventure!

Key Features:

  • Unlockable Ranks: Ascend through 12 ranks by playing or donating to our community.

  • Vote RewardsEarn exciting rewards by participating in server voting.

  • Daily Kit Rewards: Get rewarded daily with random kits to enhance your gameplay.

  • Minimal Banned ItemsEnjoy unrestricted creativity with very few banned items.

  • No Server ResetsBuild and explore without fear of server wipes.

  • Expanded Dimension Access: Explore over 31 dimensions, excluding AE2 spatial in the PvP server.

  • Modified Structure Compass: Utilize a modified compass for enhanced navigation.

  • Player ShopsEngage in commerce with player-run shops.

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